Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rambis Needs New Rec Specs

The hangover from my monumental fantasy football disaster has spilled over into basketball, were Rambis's Heroes sit in 5th place at 53-63, 22.5 games out of first. That's what leaving 2 of the 9 guys in your starting lineup in place despite injuries lasting over a month each will do to you. You may recall me being rather upbeat about my team's chances during the live blogging of the draft, at least to the point where I felt comfortable making numerous snarky comments about everyone else's teams (of course, my prediction of self-jinxing after several such remarks directed at Kevin's team seems rather prophetic with him sitting in 2nd place right now).

If you wait until the beginning of February to bother to log into your basketball league's website, you're going to pay for it, and I have. The good news is that I only need to have a team good enough to ride a hot streak the last three weeks of the season; it's a 6-team league and everyone gets into the playoffs. Even Jim Mora can't argue with those odds. Plus, my team is actually starting to show signs of life. Despite the absence of Paul Pierce and the fact the David West is still getting back into shape from his elbow surgery, I pulled off a 7-2 record last week, and I'm working on a 6-3 right now. In other words, the team's been the fantasy league equivalent of Greg Oden. Next week, we'll see what happens when I give my team its right hand back (although, since the replacement right hand comes in the form of one Jamal Crawford, I can't be too comfortable just yet).

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Blogger CanesFan said...

I feel your pain Kirk. I too had some misfortunes with injuries and suspensions. However, I have reassembled my Jenga tower and am confident of a late surge, which will carry over into the playoffs.

Hopefully, Car(can remain)melo.

3:41 PM  

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