Friday, March 09, 2007

"Boy, that escalated quickly...I mean, that really got out of hand fast."

Installment 3 of the Burgundians fantasy baseball league is here, and so am I, to do a live blog of the draft. It's a keeper league, so be prepared for some picks to look a little out of order. The league is named after the legendary Ron Burgundy, so every draft blog's title will be a line from "Anchorman." This should be a good time all around. Anyway, let's get drafting...

3/9, 6:43 AM: The draft kicks off with the first pick in league history to be sent in from foreign soil. That's right, we're international this year, baby! It's cool to say, but does complicate an email draft, given that time limits aren't applicable when the drafter's local time is between midnight and 8 AM. I now have to do calculations of the pick deadline in 3 different time zones...arrgh. Anyway, Kaichi picks David Ortiz, which is a pretty unassailable pick given who's been kept. That sucks, because not having a smart-alecky thing to say about the first pick really messes with my rhythm.

7:06 AM: Vern's up next, and he goes with Carlos Lee. Again, doing the best he can with what's available. Kind of like Lee's first team last year, the Brewers. Too bad Vern's not sponsored by a beer company, too; that would be cool.

1:08 PM: I'll bet you're wondering why I chose that particular "Anchorman" quote as the title for this post. Well, wonder no more. Between wish lists submitted by drafting owners and keeper picks, we got through 14 picks after I was unfortunately forced to autopick for Logan for running through the time limit. Didn't think I'd have to do it that early. Anyway, here's what happened: Logan autopicked Miguel Cabrera, Kevin kept Albert Pujols (more on that later), Dad picked Edgar Renteria, Eric picked Manny being Manny, Amanda picked K-Rod, G kept Alfonso Soriano, Mike kept A-Rod, I kept Johan (yes, I'm on a first-name basis with him; I feel like I built his bandwagon 4 years ago) and Chase Utley (according to G, the whitest-sounding name she's ever heard), Mike keeps Jose Reyes, G keeps Carl Crawford, Amanda keeps Vlad the Impaler, Eric picks Jason Bay and Dad picks David Ross.

I promised more on Albert Pujols, so here it is: an email conversation between my brother Kevin and I from when Kev sent in his keeper list...

Kev: Albert Pujols of course, Julio Lugo, Bobby Abreu, Brian Roberts and Aaron Heilman
LNM: Thanks, Kev! Although, I have to say that Pujols at #4 overall is a bit of a stretch. You sure about that?
Kev: I don't know, I just have a feeling about the kid. This could be a breakout year for him. (Of course you know with me being cocky like this he's going to get deported or something right after we draft...)
LNM: Since I’m feeling nice, I’ll go ahead and reverse-jinx Poo Holes for you: I wouldn’t worry about him being deported as much as I would about the propensity for some Latin players to doctor their birth records to appear younger than they are. After all, Prince Albert was acting very cantankerously and curmudgeonly towards the end of last year. I’m just saying, if he has the statistical drop-off you might expect from, say, a 37-year-old, don’t be completely shocked…

Of course, all of the above provides no insight whatsoever and was simply an excuse for me to refer to the guy as "Poo Holes." Freaking Cardinals....

4:11 PM: Kev's up again, and he goes with Ichiro. That brings us to Logan, who's now home from work (hardly an excuse for missing his first pick) and gets Joe Mauer. You know, teaming the reigning AL batting champ with the best 3rd baseman in the business (or at least, the best one that we're sure won't be put on the Emotionally Disabled List) is a good way to not have pick in the top half of the draft next year. That's followed by Vern's keeper pick of David Wright.

4:44 PM: Kaichi apparently gets up earlier than I do on Saturdays (it's not even 9 AM there now). He grabs BJ Ryan (who, apparently, wouldn't have been a terrible idea for me to keep in the 6th round, as I had the option to do). On the snake pick, Kaichi keeps the best DH only- eligible player on the planet in Travis Hafner, one of four Cleveland Indian keepers on his team, appropriately named "Tribe." This is followed by two more keepers, with Vern holding onto Derek Jeter and Logan locking in Mark Teixeira, who I found out a few years ago was a Georgia Tech teammate of a guy from G's and Logan's high school.

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