Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Response to KG Wanting to be a Sun


What, that's not intelligent enough for you? Fine. Here goes....

The first thing that comes to mind is that everyone's thought process seems to make sense here. This is, of course, utterly shocking due to the involvement of Kevin McHale, who has brought you the Botched Joe Smith Signing as well as putting together a group of teams so putrid that Kevin Freaking Garnett couldn't get out of the first round with them more than once. And yes, I know all about the "he should have put his team on his back" argument, and even agree with it to a point. But the fact of the matter is, everybody and their brother has known that Garnett has needed a running mate capable of easing the scoring load and willing to take the last shot for years now. The closest they've come to fulfilling that in a dozen seasons is Latrell Sprewell. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

This time, however, McHale seems to be getting it right, holding out for the moment for Amare Stoudamire in any KG deal with Phoenix. Of course, the flip side of it is that McHale would have the potential to take another young freak of nature-style power forward and mire him in mediocrity for a decade or more. Great times all around!

I guess if there's one thing I don't understand in all of this, it's why KG is so unwilling to even entertain the thought of going to Boston. Granted, they wouldn't have much else, but I've got to believe that with the declining of the Pistons and the aging of Shaq, a KG-Paul Pierce tandem by itself would run roughshod over anyone in the East except for the Bulls. And if the Bulls do consummate a deal for Kobe Bryant, they'd be pretty similar in composition to the Celtics, assuming Mitch Kupchak swings any sort of reasonable know, on second thought, I'm starting to see Garnett's point...


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